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Palpap at The New College Chennai, on 02.02.2015

Palpap announced that 113 year old The Muslim Educational Association of Southern India (MEASI) group's THE NEW COLLEGE has selected the Palpap's INSPRO PLUS ERP System. The principal advantages in the Palpap's ERP solution was ease of use, a comprehensive set of module, implementing methodologies and support strategies.

Janab. Alhaj U. Mohamed Khalilullah Sahib, B.Com., FCA, The New College delivers MOU to Palpap Chairman and CEO Dr. P. Senthil Kumar on 02.02.2015. The New College Principal Dr. S. Abdul Maliq, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Dip. in Urdu and Tresurer are in the event.

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