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About Chairman

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."
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Chairman Dr. P. Senthil Kumar has been the backbone of Palpap success and growth. Aptly called a Youth Icon, he stands today as a role model for Young Entrepreneurs. A man, who from early childhood nurtured strong dreams and high hopes of starting his own Multi National Company, and who assiduously achieved it.. His twelve years of experience in the field of Software and Business Development in reputed companies like Hitachi Software- Japan, have empowered him in being a part of the Software Revolution.

Senthil Kumar represented India in the Tokyo City International Conference on the topic "Business Relations between Nations" at the young age of 24. This presentation explains the diplomatic relationship between Japan and India, and provides various solutions to overcome barriers that impede this robust relationship.

Bachelor's Degree in Production Engineering
Master of Business Administration
Post Graduation in Computer Science
Doctor of Honors

16 Years experience in the field of software and business development overseas, the last assignment being Business Development Manager in Hitachi Software, Japan.

The book "IT Gateway to Japan", authored by Dr Senthil Kumar, is based on his experiences with the Japanese. This book lays a strong foundation for all people who wish to start businesses in Japan, and furnishes all vital information with relevant data concerning business, social life, culture and travel in Japan.

RESEARCH ACTIVITIES (Research and Awards)
Dr. Senthil Kumar is currently on a research that strings the minds of youngsters. Most students who have their schooling in rural areas face immense difficulties initially to cope up with the challenges of urban life. As Senthil Kumar was a native of the countryside, he realized the need to support such students.
This research is based on student's mind transition from village atmosphere to the City environment, the transformation extending from a minimum of six months and more depending upon the subject. This project is teamed with Anna University Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, President of India.
Dr. Senthil Kumar says, "I would like to reaffirm my commitment to do everything I can to promote the development of a society based on respect for independence, individuality and diversity; the development of a vibrant, private sector-led economy based on principles of corporate responsibility; and, the development of a socioeconomic system that has the confidence of the global community"

"RASHTRIYA RATTAN" Award for Outstanding Individual Achievements and Distinguished Services to the Nation by Honorable Shri.Karia Munda, Union Minister, Govt. of India on 23rd January 2002 at Hyderabad, India.
"INTERNATIONAL GOLD STAR MILLENNIUM" Award for Excellence in Promoting Global Integration and Economic Development by His Excellency Mr. Vichian Khemthong, Minister for foreign Affairs, Govt. Of Thailand on 24th April 2002 at Bangkok.
"RAJIV GANDHI SHIROMANI AWARD" for meritorious accomplishment in diversity of activities that immensely contribute for the Nations Progress on 19th August 2002 in Bangalore.
"INDIRA GANDHI SADBHAVNA AWARD" crowned for the Outstanding Services, Achievements and Contributions to the Nation on 22nd November 2002 at New Delhi.
"JEWEL OF INDIA AWARD" awarded for Outstanding Achievements in IT Industry on 2nd December 2003 at New Delhi.

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