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Case Study


InsProPlus Guarantees a better solution for AUDISANKARA ENGINEERING COLLEGE   

PALPAP ICHICNICHI SOFTWARE INTL LTD is one of the leading IT Company, providing solutions to automate the process in Education sectors



Audisankara Group of Institutions is one of the best Colleges in Andhrapradesh. More than 5,000 students are studying in the college. They have four colleges in their campus and wanted to automate their colleges activities. That's When PALPAP stepped up and made the management 'happy'.

PALPAP ICHICNICHI SOFTWARE INTL LTD is one of the leading IT Company, providing solutions to automate the process in Education sectors.


With the geographically dispersed student and staff, the Audisankara Group was looking for a comprehensive and integrated solution that would standardize and automate their processes and help them to get a better control over their operations.

Some of the key challenges Audisankara faced before it adapted PALPAP ERP-InsProPlus are mentioned below:

PalpapManual maintenance of finance and Hr Payroll related activities via Spreadsheets.
PalpapLack of centralized HR, Finance data and operations.
PalpapLack of integrated and comprehensive Hr Payroll and Finance Fees collection.

PALPAP ERP at the Helm:

Palpap InsProPlus provides completely automated student staff data maintenance.
PalpapCustomized and structured module for student attendance, mark, Library to automate all 4     colleges in single server.
PalpapIntegrated and comprehensive module for HR Pay roll with Bio metric, Finance.
PalpapInsPro SMS and notification module binds parents and instition very effectively to communicate     student activities and performance.
PalpapInsPro IVRS sends voice call to parents in their preferred language to understand the message     from colege easily.
PalpapAll the modules integrated in single server which will be very useful to the management to track all     the activities happened in colleges.
PalpapIntroduced cloud to view their data from wherever in the world.

Why PALPAP over Competition?

PalpapA single system to integrate all college activities.
PalpapInsProPlus brings into systematic all activities from admission of the student till the student     exists from the college.
PalpapEasy to access and monitor to restrict the manipulation.
PalpapData Reusability is the key inInsProPlus.
PalpapA system to reduce the manual work and to make the institution paperless.
PalpapInsProPlus will alert the higher authorities in the way Automatic sms.
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