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Case Study


InsProPlus Guarantees a better solution for

PALPAP ICHICNICHI SOFTWARE INTL LTD is one of the leading IT Company, providing solutions to automate the process in Education sectors


The Change Needed:

InsProPlus provides excellent solution to automate student admission, Student Attendance, Internal Mark, University Mark, Library Transaction, Fees Collection, Staff Attendance, Staff Pay process, Transport, Hostel, Inventory and Office Management.

In addition to the various internet challenges that users faced due to disparate systems, we had to address issues regarding compliances with technology, regulatory requirements in transport module.

Some of the key challenges that EXCEL Global Central School faced listed below:

PalpapManual record maintained of Vehicle, Route details.
PalpapProblem in allotting drivers and travelers in one vehicle.
PalpapExisting legacy system was not addressing the payment status of travelers.
PalpapThere was no option to provide solution for transport maintenance.

How PALPAP Fulfilled the Need:

Palpap Completely systematic operations incorporated for vehicle, stage, route, driver and cost details.
InsProPlus has excellent methodology in allotting travelers. It will suggest you in which vehicle      you need allot the student or staffs.
The system will alert via sms and mail before renewal date of Insurance, Permit, FC and Driver's      License.
Transport is linked with finance. The balance sheet will be generated once after allotted the      students in vehicle.
Transport Fees collection report generated as per the institution needs.

Why PALPAP over Competition?

PalpapA single system to integrate all college activities.
PalpapInsProPlus brings into systematic all activities from admission of the student till the student     exists from the college.
PalpapEasy to access and monitor to restrict the manipulation.
PalpapData Reusability is the key inInsProPlus.
PalpapA system to reduce the manual work and to make the institution paperless.
PalpapInsProPlus will alert the higher authorities in the way Automatic sms.
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