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Case Study


InsProPlus Guarantees a better solution for JAWAHAR SCHOOL   

PALPAP ICHICNICHI SOFTWARE INTL LTD is one of the leading IT Company, providing solutions to automate the process in Education sectors



Jawahar Educational Society is one of the best schools in Tamilnadu. More than 20,000 students are studying in the college. They wanted to automate their school activities. That's When PALPAP stepped up and made the management 'happy'.


InsProPlus provides excellent solution to automate student admission, Student Attendance, Internal Mark, University Mark, Library Transaction, Fees Collection, Staff Attendance, Staff Pay process, Transport, Hostel, Inventory and Office Management.

The School believed in delivering quality with efficiency and they were constantly redefining their processes to remain competitive. To maintain the high standard of efficiency and eliminate inconsistencies, they needed to:

PalpapLack of integration between the disparate tools being used for student details, attendance and     communicating parent etc.
PalpapProblems in extracting student data at any time.
PalpapDifficulty in handling student attendance records

How PALPAP Helped Jawahar School to automate the Academic processes:

Palpap InsProPlus provides completely automated student data maintenance.
PalpapAn easiest way of system to enter attendance and marks.
PalpapA user based privileges made.
PalpapAutomatic message to communicate the parents who has failed to attend the classes.
PalpapInterestingly, InsProPlus provides voice call to alert parents who have failed to attend the classes.
PalpapAny common messages are communicating through this system.
PalpapAll the assignments and paper distributions communicated through the system.
PalpapNo manual interaction needed for this above operations.

Why PALPAP over Competition?

PalpapA single system to integrate all college activities.
PalpapInsProPlus brings into systematic all activities from admission of the student till the student     exists from the college.
PalpapEasy to access and monitor to restrict the manipulation.
PalpapData Reusability is the key inInsProPlus.
PalpapA system to reduce the manual work and to make the institution paperless.
PalpapInsProPlus will alert the higher authorities in the way Automatic sms.
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