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About Palpap

PALPAP is a global services provider delivering technology-driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of our clients. PALPAP has the 'Centers of Excellence' that create solutions around specific needs of industries. PALPAP delivers unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence, quality frameworks and service delivery innovation.
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PALPAP Started in 1997 is a software development company providing services in Internet, Wireless, ERP and e-Governance Technologies, mainly for Japanese Companies, then diversified into global market.

PALPAP has established state-of-the-art software development and research centers, and is employed with software engineers who constantly strive to deliver the highest-quality products and services.

PALPAP has created InsPro Plus - an ERP Product for Education Institutions, after extensive research in the field of education since 1997, and has developed and created a strong customer base.

PALPAP has created RealPro Plus - an ERP Product for Real Estate segment, after extensive research in the field of property search and real estate since 2003, and has developed global customer base.

PALPAP has created Yogasana Live - an learning Product for health segment, after extensive research in the field of Yoga, Asana Postures etc and real estate since 2004, and has developed global customer base.

PALPAP offers research based project training to students, giving them live project exposure. Over 15,000 students have received specialized training at our Training Institute - Palpap Institute of Technology

PALPAP'S backbone it's Chairman and CEO Dr. Senthil Kumar, has been rewarded for young entrepreneurship and management enterprises.

PALPAP is in close compliance with ISO 9001 international quality standards. Quality and Reliability are the catchwords of the entire organization.

We are specializing in several applications like Education - (Schools, Colleges - Arts, Engineering, Medical, and Universities), Health Care, Telecom, Insurance, Real Estate and IT Consultancy Services.
About Palpap
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