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Business Operation

PISIL has three business operations.
Product Development
Software Exports,
Research based Product Training.
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The core operation of PISIL is Product Development having a well based Product Research and Development Center at Chennai.

Company's Strategic Operation Methodology

Palpap has framed a three level team consisting of a Planning and Implementations team, an Advising team and a Monitoring team to ensure that all the processes are executed at the right time. Execution team will give the plan of action to the advising board. The advising board will check the schedule and the process and confirm after the feasibility study. The Advising board will give the planned action to Consultancy to monitor the process and make the indicators at all the levels to ensure everything goes as per the planned schedule. Consultancies also study the current market status and the strategic plans to advising board and execution committee for the future expansion of the product capabilities and market focus.

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