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Hiipro Family

S.No Product Name Module Name
1 InsPro ERP 6.1 Supply and Implementation of Hiipro ERP Version 6.1. (Enterprise Edition)
2 InsPro SMART 3.3 Contact less Smart Card with Printing, Rope and Photo Scanning (Student and Staff) Contact less Smart Card Reader
3 InsPro BIO 6.1 Biometric Fingerprint Device Staff Attendance
4 InsPro FACE 6.1 Face Recognition Reader for Gents and Ladies Hostel Students attendance
5 InsPro SMS 6.1 SMS System Gateway Integration
6 InsPro KIOSK 1.0 Supply and Implementation of Inspro KIOSK Version 1.0 (Enterprise Edition)
7 InsPro GPS 6.1 GPS based Transport and Student Tracking System by Smart Card
8 InsPro IVRS 6.11 Supply and Implementation of Hiipro ERP IVRS Version 1.6 - Voice Messaging System (Enterprise Edition)
  1. Daily Absentees
  2. Internal Test wise mark
  3. Semester Mark
  4. Reminders
  5. Common Recorded Message.
9 InsPro APPS 6.11 Supply and Implementation of Inspro Apps ERP Version 6.1. (Enterprise Edition)

Staff and Student Apps :

Profile, Attendance, CAM, University Mark, Schedule Change, Internal and University Time Table, Question Bank, Lesson Plan, Fees, Hostel/ Transport, Conduct, Block Box, Bio Metric, Leave Apply and Approval, Library, SMS, Notification, Live Streaming, Search and Parents Feedback
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