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Inspro SMS uses automatic technology where messages can be sent and integrated with existing database of the Institution and reports can be generated according to requirement like attendance, fee payments status, marks, birth day wishes, holiday reports, schedules, events etc.. The user can get specific data in minimum tome. There is provision for both manual and automatic process.
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Student SMS manager

S.No Type of Message S.No Type of Message
1 Thanks Message for enquiry and application 16 Examination Time Table Schedule, Attendance
2 Student's admission confirmation 17 Student's Birthday wishes
3 Student's attendance (Present /Absent) Weekly, Monthly and Year 18 Event Manager Announcements
4 Students Mark 19 Year promotion
5 Fees payments receipt 20 Payment remainder
6 Student's Exit Thanks massage for successful Completion, Discontinue
Debar, Readmission, Transfer, cancel
21 Certificates Receipts Transfer certificate, Mark sheet, Bonofied
7 Subjects Announcement 22 Fee announcement
8 Convocation Announcement 23 Transport Route confirmation
9 Weekly menu Details 24 Fee Refund Information
10 Hostel Student Date/ Re-join date 25 Parents meeting
11 Student's section Transfer 26 Campus Interview schedule
12 Customized message 27 Student conduct
13 Hostel admission confirmation 28 Placement confirmation
14 Special class Announcement 29 Holiday announcements

Staff SMS Manager

S.No Type of Message S.No Type of Message
1 Thanks Message for enquiry and application 11 Staff appointment confirmation
2 Staff attendance - Monthly 12 Salary announcement
3 Staff class time table 13 Staff daily lesion schedule
4 Staff promotion 14 Staff exam timetable
5 Event manager announcement 15 Staff Greetings - Contract period, Retirement Birthday, Wedding, Year completion
6 Leave carry forward Announcement - Monthly, Yearly 16 Reminder message
7 External Duty Announcement 17 Staff loan confirmation
8 Staff leaves application confirmation 18 Staff conducts
9 Staff meeting 19 Special pay announcement
10 Customized message 20 Staff transfers
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